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The Importance of Cyber Security in 2022 and Beyond

The importance of Cyber Security in 2022 and beyond.

If no one has yet— consider this your warning.

We are in the middle of a Cybersecurity crisis in the world.  The threat of data breaches is increasing at an alarming and exponential level in every sector of the online world. This is not an exaggeration. Online Crime rates have risen nearly 600% in the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic with no signs of slowing down.

Many people in the world of Cybersecurity are calling the time we are in a “Cyber Pandemic” in response to the increasing number of data breaches. While it may not be exactly what anyone wants to hear in light of everything else the world is presently dealing with, we view it as our responsibility to protect our clients and as many people as possible from threats that exist in our field of Information Technology. Down below you’ll find a few tips for staying safe, and if you ever question whether or not something is fraudulent, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

— This graph shows by the growth-rate of Malware infections by year. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic caused dramatic spikes, cybersecurity trends have been rising rapidly over the last 5-6 years overall.
View fullsize— This graph shows by the growth-rate of Malware infections by year. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic caused dramatic spikes, cybersecurity trends have been rising rapidly over the last 5-6 years overall.

Here Are A Few Tips for Staying Safe.

Acknowledge Your Time Online Is Dangerous, Especially Now

Typically, users do not detect data breaches until it’s too late and the root cause of the breach is generally some kind of user error. On average it takes 196 days to even identify that there has been a data breach in the first place. Many statistics say that over 90% of data breaches happen because a user was not aware of a deceptive email, download, website, or advertisement. Albeit a simple tip, being aware that being on the Internet is dangerous, especially right now, is very important. Most people who end up being the cause of a data breach never knew what was happening and cannot remember what they were doing that caused the breach, that’s why this mindset shift is important in your day-to-day Internet usage.

STOP Sharing Your Passwords and Sensitive Information over Text Message or Email

We have probably all done it but it has to stop. It is so convenient to just send your friend, your co-worker, or your spouse details about an account login, a picture of your drivers license, or credit card over text or email. You have to stop this kind of communication immediately. A simple breach of a fairly insecure system like your emails or texts could result in an incredible loss of data and lead to worse kinds of effects from your data breach such as identity theft. If you’re looking for a secure way to send sensitive information, I would recommend two things to you:

1) Download & Use Signal for Secure Messaging: Sending Photos of Documents, IDs, Licenses, Etc.

We use Signal as a secure messenger for all business-related text-conversations at Genovations Tech. It’s a great app that also has a desktop application, and it’s free to use, so no excuses.

2) Use a Local, No-Knowledge Password Management & Cybersecurity Platform

Keeper Phone.png

As a company, we partnered with Enterprise Cybersecurity Company Keeper Cybersecurity. They have a whole host of Cybersecurity tools on their platform, including an excellent password management & sharing solution. If you don’t currently have a password management system in place I would highly recommend you check out getting Keeper from us here at Genovations Tech. Check it out HERE.

Be Aware of Safe VS Unsafe Connections

You should know that not all Internet access is created equal when it comes to safety. Avoid accessing sensitive information over public Wi-Fi OR Cellular Networks at places such coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. It may be tempting to use a hotspot on your phone or log in to public Wi-Fi to catch up on something for work but this is dangerous. It can be done somewhat safely if you make use of a tool called a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which I will cover in another article, so sign up down below to get our articles sent to you if you find information like this useful. Also, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device when you aren’t using it.

That's it for now, stay safe.

Genovations Tech Team

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